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attention to detail: the eyebrows | WWMBW Guys who wax their eyebrows. What do u guys think of men who wax their eyebrows? I see a lot of young guys get it done. Some look ok, some look kind of feminine. What's your opinion? i prefer thick brows on men myself, but some guys can still look hot (or hotter) with tweaked brows as ...

The Edge Salon: Hair Removal for Guys
Eyebrow Waxing Tips for Men. With more men taking a keen interest in grooming themselves, eyebrow waxing ... and precise while waxing their brows. One small slip and you'll be locking yourself indoors for weeks before hair returns. Nervous? Get a professional to do it for you, or ...

People I Want to Punch in the Throat: The Place That Waxed My ...
What do you think of men getting their eyebrows waxed?. What do you think of men getting their eyebrows waxed? My wife took me to the salon yesterday and when I was almost done getting my haircut she asked them to wax my eyebrows and I did not say anything and went along with it because I did not want to cause ...

Maryam Maquillage: Eye-browsin'
Do men really care if women don't wax or do their eyebrows? Does it really bother them?. I know someone who is profoundly bothered by the smell of the wax used on eyebrows and other facial hair, and asked his wife to stop using it. So yes, waxing eyebrows can really bother some men. No, it does not bother me one iota.... most men prefer ...

Wet Dark and Wild: Bushy-bushy? The eyebrow issue
Men’s Grooming: Eyebrow Maintenance. Alpha males don’t panic, I’m not talking about shaping your eyebrows so that you look permanently surprised, just some subtle grooming to ensure your brows don’t become overgrown. Most men I know have to do a little ... you can use wax strips to ...
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