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Yes, People Are Tattooing On Freckles Now. You've probably heard about micro-blading, the semi-permanent tattoo technique that creates the look of eyebrows for those of us who suffered through the over-plucked early Aughts or were just born with thin brows. Now there's a new semi-permanent cosmetic ...

Microblading – or ‘eyebrow embroidery’ – is the way to get the eyebrows of your dreams. Gone are the days when eyebrow tattoos meant cartoonish blue-black lines etched above eyes. Looking at the first wave of eyebrow tattoos, it’s hard to believe the treatment was approved for use. The end result looked like it had been drawn on with a Sharpie.

Philly police implementing first tattoo policy. Officers who already have them will be expected to cover them with cosmetics or clothing. Tattooed eyebrows won't be banned, but the department is opposed to more extreme types of body art, like "tongue splitting or bifurcation," unnaturally colored ...

I Finally Microbladed My Eyebrows, and It Kinda Changed My Life. Because at first pass, the idea of temporary tattooing reminded me of those women with permanent eyeliner that had faded from black to blue and green after a few years, which was not a look I wanted for my eyebrows. And because the results of microblading ...

People are tattooing their eyelids and we’re a little freaked out. Unlike applying liquid liner directly above the lash line, the tattoo needle is placed in between each individual eyelash to give the same effect. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Piret Aava, also known as The Eyebrow Doctor, said: ‘The area is numbed first ...
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